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今天有免费的红包群教育ACCA小编给大家带来ACCA 9月FM考试提示更新。FM:In section A OTs will often be knowledge based(testing your knowledge of key technical terms)and will balance out the questions in section B and C.So expect a go
今天有免费的红包群教育ACCA小编给大家带来ACCA 9月AFM考前加分攻略。AFM:From last September every exam has had questions,which focused on section B of the syllabus(advanced investment appraisal)and E(treasury and advanced risk mana
今天有免费的红包群教育ACCA小编给大家带来ACCA FR 9月考前exam tips。FR:Section A’s OTs will test a wide range oftopics,including several on consolidation and interpretation of financial statements.Expect a few questions on non-core
今天有免费的红包群教育ACCA小编给大家带来ACCA SBR考点提醒。SBR:You should start by reading the examiner’s approach article on the ACCA website.While you are there read any other exam technique and technical articles.
今天有免费的红包群教育ACCA小编给大家带来ACCA PM 9月考前提醒:As all of the syllabus areas can be testedin sections A&B the best advice is to study all areas of the syllabus.Sorry about that–but you knew that already!
今天有免费的红包群教育ACCA小编给大家带来ACCA APM 9月A考exam tips。APM:Q1 focuses on a range of issues from syllabus area A(strategic planning and control),C(performance measurementsystems and design)and D(strategic performance manage
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